Friday, July 24, 2009

Sekolah Sugar Group Teacher

Sekolah Sugar Group are a progressive group of Company Schools in Lampung
The Schools are calling you to join our staff for visionary teachers.

Secondary School (Teaching Staff)
Bahasa Indonesia (SBI)
geography (SGeo)
English (SEng)
Mathematics (SMat)
Accounting/Economics (SAcc)
Counselor/Thinking Skills (SCou)
Visual Arts-handicraft/painting (SVis)

Choreography (SCho)
Primary School (Teaching Staff)
English (PEng)
Mathemantics (PMat)
Visual Artc-handicraft/painting (PVis)

- Graduates from a reputable university with relevant academic background.
- 35 years old or younger.
- Fluent in both written and spoken English.
- Teaching experience at an international school or an ANPS member school is preferred.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below, please send your CV to email or fax to 0725-563765 or PO Box 24 Wisma GKBI Jakarta 10210 BEFORE AUGUST 1,2009
Download Tips Dan Trik Extrim Melamar pekerjaan
Download Soal Test Toefl
Download Soal-soal Psikotest

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